Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mini Maxi World Championships

Day 3 of the World Championships, is bound to be another historic day... As I look out from my hotel window I cam see the a ocean that resembles glass as the smallest amounts of breeze tickles though the near by trees... The forecast today is for lighter airs then yesterday, probably 8-12 and building throughout the day...
Yesterday we had gusts up to 25k and it was all on... The first race was trying, with a 4th as a result, but that's all we needed to get the confidence up and send it on the next 2... And that's what we did, some fantastic calls made by our aftergaurd comprised of, Will Best (nav), Natcho Postigo (strategist) and Chris Main (tactics) followed by an outstanding downwind driving and trimming performance of Mal Parker (downwind trim) and Andy (the boss) on the helm, together we sent it, averaging 18-20k down wind and hitting a top speed of 24.8k! Was a he'll of a day and the results showed as we beat a very well said ran RAN by one second on one race to finish the day with 2 more bullets.
5 races means one discard, so we are counting 4 firsts at the moment, and dropping out 4th...
Today is the coastal race and they we are thinking it might be around 40nm. Nothing huge as we have the rolex crew party tonight during which Jez will inevitably be in the pool at some point in the evening... All for now thank you to all who are following us,

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Location:Sardinia Italy

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