Friday, September 10, 2010

Day 5

Where do I begin??? The race committee announced course 32 and we knew it was going to be a long one... The tricky bit was going to be why sails to take and what the forecast was going to be, it looked light but the forecast said very differently...
We started with breeze just under 10k and we were i'n clear air and at speed when we hit the line, we rolled both Container and Ran and headed up toward the first windward mark of our 43 mile course... Shockwave, Bella, and Titan all had great starts and were off just ahead as we covered Ran, our closest competition... After the mark we set our code 0 and carried that down through "bomb ally" where we just nicked the bottom of a very large rock... Others were not so luck, Container hit the same rock but got stuck and unfortunately that ended her day...
We carried on catching up to the leaders with Ran still trailing... We gybed around a mark and had a long almost 2 hour beet up and around all the islands... By the time it was time to go back down wind it was a close battle i'n little pressure between ourselves and Ran who ha just gotten in front... Being bigger has it's advantages... But not always... Shockwave was close by and Titan had gone offshore and found pressure which pulled them away...
The rest of the race was a shooting match, snakes and ladders the whole way, we would pass someone and someone would pass us... The big battle turned to Ran and Us as there were sail change after change to fight for half a knot of speed that could win or loose the whole thing...
Some superb calls from our afterguard and unmatched driving from the boss took us by Ran and around some close rocks, which we did not hit this time, but Ran was not so lucky, ending their day after 3 hours... We hope that both boats are ok and that we will see them on the track tomorrow...
The battle turned to Shockwave and us who were just a few boat lengths in front...
In the next hour over a dozen sail changes occurred and although they crossed the line in front of us, it was not enough to get us on time...
We thought we had another bullet, but we must take our hats off to the cruiser racer mini maxis who stuck i'n and one did just enough to sneak by us...
Quiet night tonight big day tomorrow, special thank you to Spy Optics for my HayMaker sunnies which have kept my eyes protected all week, and to all those back home in Manila following us, without your tutelage I would not be where I am now... Thank you all,

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Location:World Championships

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Lay day

Today is the lay day in sunny but very wind Sardinia, we are headed to Porto Pollo for a day of kiting and windsurfing... But it's blowing 25-30k at the moment so I am thinking more drinks by the bar then actual time one the water...
Just s quick recap on yesterday, we were set for a 42nm coastal, and it was lining up to be a cracker! At the start we had a constant 20k gusting 25-30k. We had a awesome pin end start with Shockwave to leeward and Ran up to windward, but in clean air and at speed, he headed up to bomb ally and as the wind freed sheets cracked and boat speed jumped from 10k to 15k... Just after entering the ally u could see black angry sky's ahead, as we got closer gusts were up in the high 20's and just keeping the boats upright was challenging... Throwing in a reef was considered, but that idea was short lived as the race committee abandoned the race for the time being...
Back ashore we waited for the squall to pass, and eventually were sent back out again...
Breeze still at a constant 20k at the start we were lining up for another top start but were unluckily calked over with Shockwave, both boats thought we were way off the line but it's how it goes... Up through bomb ally was tough having to make our way through the pack of racer cruisers was not easy but we slowly got throw them... We took a right hand turn at the post, and headed up through the gap in-between the island. Jib racking along, some posts went with a 0 and those that did had a tough time getting them down and we pulled back in on the leaders... At the top island we gybed around and in more pressure we had speeds of 16-18k... The boss needed a break and the rule states that a cat 1 sailor (amateur or college student) must be the relief, so it was time for a bit behind the wheel... Rolling down swells we hit speeds of 18-19k with a jib and staysail set inside... We made good hight on the rest of the fleet and then it was time for the "weapon" the Cuban A3 spinaker, which gives most people a the goose bumps... A nice set and the boss back on the helm speeds topped out at 24+k... We hauled down past Porto Cervo around another island before a short beat to the Finnish, some outstanding upwind sailing allowed us to real in the leaders, and we crossed the line to take 4th, missing 3rd by less then 10 seconds. A win for Bella Mente who sailed brilliantly, meant that Ran took 2nd keeping us in front by 1 point...
All to play for!
Stay tuned,

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

One more mention

Last thing I wanted to add was that we were graced with the presence of Sir Peter Jolly on board yesterday and the smile on his face at the end of the day, said it all!
Breeze is picking up already so it bound to be another great day, till later, ciao!

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Mini Maxi World Championships

Day 3 of the World Championships, is bound to be another historic day... As I look out from my hotel window I cam see the a ocean that resembles glass as the smallest amounts of breeze tickles though the near by trees... The forecast today is for lighter airs then yesterday, probably 8-12 and building throughout the day...
Yesterday we had gusts up to 25k and it was all on... The first race was trying, with a 4th as a result, but that's all we needed to get the confidence up and send it on the next 2... And that's what we did, some fantastic calls made by our aftergaurd comprised of, Will Best (nav), Natcho Postigo (strategist) and Chris Main (tactics) followed by an outstanding downwind driving and trimming performance of Mal Parker (downwind trim) and Andy (the boss) on the helm, together we sent it, averaging 18-20k down wind and hitting a top speed of 24.8k! Was a he'll of a day and the results showed as we beat a very well said ran RAN by one second on one race to finish the day with 2 more bullets.
5 races means one discard, so we are counting 4 firsts at the moment, and dropping out 4th...
Today is the coastal race and they we are thinking it might be around 40nm. Nothing huge as we have the rolex crew party tonight during which Jez will inevitably be in the pool at some point in the evening... All for now thank you to all who are following us,

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Location:Sardinia Italy

Monday, April 19, 2010

3 day update

If you dot know yet, alegre has won the Hublot, Palma Vela regatta 2010 what a great start to the season! On Saturday we had a coastal race an it was lite and shifty but alegre pulled through and was first on the water beating the entire fleet!
Sunday was another coastal and it was a 3 hour battle but we hung in and did enough to secure the overall win.
Some may be confused because if you go to the event web page it might say that we have places 2nd, and that would be true as well... I will do muly best to explainthis simply...
Alegre races in 2 devisions but one only makes a difference at the end of the season... One is an "open class" and the other is the "IMA" or internatioal maxi assosiation class... "Container" the boat that won the open class and where we came second is not part of the IMA and although thy can race, they are not eligable for the overall trophy. Although they are a great boat whom sails fabtasticaly this week, our battles were with thr likes of Alpha Romeo and Spirit of Jethrou, among others...
The yacht is already on it's way back to it's home base In the south of France and I am hoping that my fought does not get cancelled on my way back to uni, stateside... A lot of the boys are trying to get back to englnad but only made it as far as barcalona. Now they have 3 cars and are doing an Alegre "Top Gear challenge" to see which one of the 3 cars can get back to england the soonest, each car with 3+ people in them. Should be alot of comedy, and I kinda wish i was involved... Anyway going to sign off for now, beat wishes to all, till next time,
Cheers and be well,

Saturday, April 17, 2010

A day late

Sorry this is coming a bit late, but it was a long day yesterday as the race comittiee decided to add a 3rd race to make up for having had only one on thursday... All in all was a good day for us, scoring a 2,2 and then a 3, so overall that has us tied for second with Alpha jr. And only 2 points back from Containter who is in the lead.... So it's really all to play for...
Today is day 3! One long costal race is what is on the cards, the breeze is light and the dock chatter is that there could be a postponement... So we shall see... Hopefully the sun will come out to play again at some point...
Most of the lads are worried about flights back home tomorrow night... I'm not so much, not because That Madrid airport is still open, but more because I don't really want to go back...
That's all I got for now, best to all, cheers

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Deal done with gaastra and a few beers later, everyone was smiling... First day of racing, postponed due to the lack of wind... Just finnished handing out 25 pairs of clothing to the boys and it's all looking good... Here is jez sporting the new kit!

So all good, if we get started today, well have a report for you after were all done,
Till later, shifty

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday report

I arrived in a cold an damp Madrid, only to catch a flight to an ever colder damper Palma! However as the old saying goes, a "bad" day on the water beats a good day at the office every time... I arrived in time to cath thr boat as they were leaving the dock, thanks to Led for coming to fetch me at the airport espresso in hand! Good day all in all, fantastic to be back in the swing of things... Today we have anothe day of practice with the event starting tomorrow... From all on Alegre, keep well, till next time,

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


We will do our best to get updates out after racing, but there are no promises!
Pictures might be a rare but only worthy photos (jez...) will be posted...
till then, take it easy,

Welcome to Team Alegre Yachting

Welcome, the boats back in the water, rig is in, and ready to go, Becks is off any day now and Training starts in Palma shortly... Will be great to get back on tour again...
These are the main events: * denotes that the event counts for the Overall Trophy...

Hublot Palmavela *Palma de Majorca, from 14/04/2010 to 18/04/2010
All categories

Rolex Capri Sailing Week *Capri, from 25/05/2010 to 29/05/2010
Mini Maxi

Giraglia Rolex Cup (Offshore) *St. Tropez, from 16/06/2010 to 19/06/2010
All categories

Mini Maxi Rolex World Championship *Porto Cervo, from 05/09/2010 to 11/09/2010
Mini Maxi

Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup *Porto Cervo, from 05/09/2010 to 11/09/2010

Coppa Carlo Negri - Regate PirelliPortofino, from 30/04/2010 to 02/05/2010
All categories