Monday, April 19, 2010

3 day update

If you dot know yet, alegre has won the Hublot, Palma Vela regatta 2010 what a great start to the season! On Saturday we had a coastal race an it was lite and shifty but alegre pulled through and was first on the water beating the entire fleet!
Sunday was another coastal and it was a 3 hour battle but we hung in and did enough to secure the overall win.
Some may be confused because if you go to the event web page it might say that we have places 2nd, and that would be true as well... I will do muly best to explainthis simply...
Alegre races in 2 devisions but one only makes a difference at the end of the season... One is an "open class" and the other is the "IMA" or internatioal maxi assosiation class... "Container" the boat that won the open class and where we came second is not part of the IMA and although thy can race, they are not eligable for the overall trophy. Although they are a great boat whom sails fabtasticaly this week, our battles were with thr likes of Alpha Romeo and Spirit of Jethrou, among others...
The yacht is already on it's way back to it's home base In the south of France and I am hoping that my fought does not get cancelled on my way back to uni, stateside... A lot of the boys are trying to get back to englnad but only made it as far as barcalona. Now they have 3 cars and are doing an Alegre "Top Gear challenge" to see which one of the 3 cars can get back to england the soonest, each car with 3+ people in them. Should be alot of comedy, and I kinda wish i was involved... Anyway going to sign off for now, beat wishes to all, till next time,
Cheers and be well,

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